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Welcome to Pinehalls

Romantic and Rustic Outdoor Wedding Venue

Our outdoor wedding and event venue is surrounded by green as well as being green.

We can even start you a fire at night for an added touch of the romantic and rustic. Southern Country Farm features green, quite and simple. With everything being so complicated we thought it a good time to get back to the basics, get back to nature. So, we built this Rustic Outdoor Wedding and Event venue right in the middle of our farm. It actually was not hard to decide where. I have sat and looked at this spot since the pine trees were just seedlings. I had night dreams and day dreams of people being here enjoying the beauty that I was enjoying. Now that the pine trees are tall it is even more beautiful than ever. That is just about the first thing everyone says when they walk up on the area, "this place is beautiful". Pinehalls

Contact for your event or outdoor wedding in middle Tennessee:
Austin or Billy Wilkinson
275 Wilkinson Rd (231 Wilkinson Rd)
Cottontown, TN 37048
(615)275.6597; (615)615.2151
E-Mails: info@staydownonthefarm.com